East or West, tattoos during the past years have brought with it a new trend in the outlook of the fashion industry. It has been in practice over years which are evident from the 57 carbon tattoos found on Otzi the Iceman who lived during the fifth millennium B.C. From spiritual to decorative art, the transition has been gradual over the years.
Arm tattoos are the most popular of the body art that can be made temporary or permanent. The popularity of the arm tattoo has been on account of many factors. As arms are fleshier than the ankles and lower back it makes the whole process less painful. The tattoo has been used on account of the spiritual and religious beliefs, to reveal the rank of an individual in his community, to drive away the evil, as a decorative art, and even used by the criminals to facilitate easy identification in a group.
The earlier days saw it as a symbol of a criminality that saw a change in the 1990s when the tattoos started to be used as a way for projecting one's personality. With different patterns carrying a wealth of meaning in them, many artists made their entry into the field that is knowledgeable about the new techniques used, besides the fine arts. From the North and South America, Europe and Japan, today arm tattoos are seen all over the world with many stars in the music and film world exhibiting their designs leading to its general acceptance.
Types of arm tattoo 
Being visible to everyone, the designs depicted by the arm tattoo varies at the discretion of the individual. While some go for a pattern that covers the whole arm, others might prefer a wrist or half sleeve tattoo. The different lengths that can be chosen by the individual come under the following categories:

1. Sleeve length consists of a design that has its origin from the shoulder to the wrist. Sleeve tattoos can be a single large picture or a collection of smaller related images covering the whole arm. 
2. Quarter sleeve covers the area from the shoulder to a little above the elbow. 
3. Half sleeve arm tattoos are found in the upper or the lower part of the arm that can extend from the shoulder to the elbow or from elbow to the wrist.

Similar to the length, the placement of the arm tattoos is equally important as it remains visible unless covered by a long sleeved shirt. Some people enjoy flaunting their forearm tattoos, with the others preferring the exhibition of the ones on their wrists or the biceps. Being the widest part of the arm, a bigger pattern can be made use of to show off the effort made. The tattoos enclosing the wrists, known as the "cuffs" and the forearms have been the favorite for displaying religious and spiritual beliefs.
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