Orchid Tattoos can be an interesting and beautiful body art if you are looking on getting floral designs. It is not as common as rose, lotus or lilies so you can have a unique tattoo if you choose to have this. However, it is as equally gorgeous and sophisticated as the other flowers mentioned and meaningful in its own way.

Orchids are in fact, the most passionately cultivated flowers in the world. As tattoo designs, there are tons of varieties to choose from in various shapes and colors. Cattleya is the most popular of its kind and it’s the classic corsage flowers. In terms of symbolism, orchids have long been symbols for exotic and mysterious. They are known to signify romance, extravagance and the desire for intimacy. The wild orchid was universally a symbol of fertility. In China, the orchid is a symbol of perfection while in England, the purple spots on the petals were said to represent the blood of Christ.

With the flowers’ natural beauty, orchid tattoos can look magnificent whether they are inked small or large on the body. The placement to consider for this tattoo theme are shoulder blade, lower back, lower stomach, foot, and even ribs if you are looking for design on a large scale. It looks better if tattooed with colors to make it more realistic; however, there are some tattoo aficionados who choose to have orchid tattoos inked with just black outline. It really depends on the design you choose and how your tattoo artist will execute it on your body.

With tattoos being permanent, just make sure that you choose an orchid design that is “tattooable”. You can ask your tattoo artist so sketch one for you or you can choose online from websites offering high quality tattoo art.

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